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Covers FM/AM Broadcast, European OIRT band, DAB Digital Radio, Analogue & Digital Television DX. Based in the United Kingdom with particular emphasis on Western Europe. Free participation in the web forum.

Yahoo discussion group

Radio Forum

Covers FM/AM Broadcast, European OIRT band, DAB Plus/DRM Digital Radio, Analogue & Digital Television DX. Includes discussion of component receivers, car receivers, portable radios & antennas, including modifications. Discuss broadcast techniques, radio history, media law, technology & much more. Use your favourite translation website or Google Chrome to translate this forum from Deutsche into English. Free, region-specific forums for Germany, Austria, Switzerland & elsewhere.

British DX Club

The British DX Club is best described as the UK version of the Australian Radio DX Club. Offers subscription-based monthly periodical "Communication" upon membership. This lengthy journal is a fascinating read even for Australian FM DXers. Includes a dedicated FM/SW pirate radio column & FM/DAB station news. Yahoo web forum for members. Membership is inexpensive for Australians & offered on a yearly basis. 

Hard Core DX FM Digest 

A free & automated mailing list which enables participants to share their FM reception. Emphasis is on the United Kingdom & Europe. Loggings focus on current observations of Tropospheric ducting, Meteor scatter & Sporadic E reception.

Worldwide TV FM DX Association

Covers FM/AM Broadcast, Hybrid Digital Radio, Analogue & Digital Television DX. Based in North America with particular emphasis on the United States. Free participation in the web forum. Automated mailing list for members.

Web discussion group

New Zealand Radio DX League

Founded in 1948, the New Zealand Radio DX League is a long standing radio institution with a vast & diverse membership base. The trans-Tasman equivalent of the Australian Radio DX Club, with extensive coverage of DX in the South Pacific. Offers subscription-based monthly periodical "New Zealand DX Times" upon membership. Yahoo web forum for members. Excellent coverage of FM Broadcast. Electronic Subscription is inexpensive for Australians & offered on a yearly basis.

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio

The World of Radio DX Listening Digest is a free on-line weekly publication created by journalist Glenn Hauser. Many Digests cover FM/AM Broadcast, Hybrid Digital Radio, Analogue & Digital Television broadcasting & networking news. It's not just about shortwave! Check out the fascinating feature pieces towards the end of each Digest for the information most relevant to FM DXers. You might like to perform a Control-F search for terms like FM & DTV to find the relevant information in each Digest. Based in North America with particular emphasis on the United States & Canada.

Equipment for FM DX

David's FM DX Site

David Pierce has created one of the most impressive multimedia sites on the internet, including interactive maps, band scans & Radio Data System screen captures. Pierce, a Journalist, also explains how to efficiently use your computer to record FM reception. A US perspective.

Gustavo's FM DX Site

A beautifully crafted blog from Australia's Southern Hemisphere counterparts in central Brazil. Includes current Sporadic E loggings, ionogram screenshots, multimedia & so much more. Use your favourite translation website or Google Chrome to translate this blog from Portuguese into English. A South American perspective.

Ivan's FM DX Site 

Another beautifully crafted blog from Brazil. Includes FM station audio, confirmation letters of station reception (QSL's), antenna photos & extensive commentary on specialized FM equipment such as phasing units. Features Trans Equatorial Propagation from the Caribbean, Es & some tropo which is rare in São Paulo. Ivan's house is about 670 m above sea level. He lives very close to the major metropolis of São Paulo. A South American perspective.

Julian's FM DX Site

On his site, Julian shares technical information & do-it-yourself instructions for modifying FM component tuners suitable for long distance FM reception. You will find some IF ceramic filter response measurements not seen anywhere else. Identify your filters here. Julian also reviews portable receivers and provides antenna construction advice. A UK perspective.

Dave's MW/FM DX Site

Dave is a former Australian long distance FM listener. He participates in a wide range of long distance modes in the Netherlands. His site contains some impressive photography, entertaining escapades and fascinating historical long distance FM reception. Read Dave's blog here. A Dutch perspective.

Christoph's IF Ceramic Filter Page

Have a look at these beauties inside most radios. Understanding the role of ceramic filters is useful. If you live in an area where there are a lot of nearby broadcasters, replacing your tuner's stock filter components with more appropriate narrower types may make your long distance FM listening much easier. 

Results from changing your radio's filters

In this Adobe Reader document, Bill explains in great detail why ceramic filters are so important.

Germany's FM DX resource

Download free copies of the monthly German "Reflexion" TV/FM/DAB DX periodical. Produced in full colour, this is an excellent resource for new FM/DAB tuners, receivers and antenna techniques. To translate this magazine from German into English, please use the instructions provided here. An English-language summary of recent "Reflexion" periodicals can be found here.

DIY FM DX antennas

Have a spare weekend for a do-it-yourself project? Investigate Summo's FM & Televison antenna designs. Designed for Adelaide & the Spencer Gulf but applicable across Australia.

Tin Lee Electronics 

This Canadian business offers a selection of specialized FM products for problematic antenna installations & receiving locations. A comprehensive range of FM filters for various applications, including highly selective interference notch filters, FM bandpass & bandstop filters & low noise VHF/FM/UHF preamplifiers. Customized products available. International delivery.

Ask Bob from Grove Enterprises 

A comprehensive Question & Answer resource on antennas, cable, receiver overload immunity, interference minimization, VHF-TV scanners & communication receivers. A wonderful source of information for long distance FM listeners. Answered by Bob Grove.

Mountain top reception

Ways to improve the quality of your in-car FM reception

Wayne Harris explains how to maximize long distance FM reception in your vehicle. This article provides advice on selecting an antenna and the potential benefits of utilizing antenna pre-amplifiers or diversity antennas. Harris discusses the optimal positioning of your antenna and coaxial cable to offset interference caused by your vehicle. The author has extensive technical knowledge, including a stint as a Research & Development director for a major automotive electronics corporation. Sourced from "Car Stereo Review".

Ten Commandments of in-car noise prevention

Wayne Harris explains how to minimize interference produced within your vehicle to facilitate the best FM & MW reception possible. Easy to follow advice on minimizing the menaces of alternator whine and ignition noise. Sourced from "Car Stereo Review" magazine in 1989.

Team Chevelle's Radio Technology articles 

Joe Hubka troubleshoots interference sources that may cause irritating interference to your FM reception in your car. Includes a simple checklist dealing with commonplace complaints. Step-by-step instructions to allow you to check for damage to your coaxial cable.

Ignition Blues

The ignition system of an automobile is the key source of interference to FM & VHF reception. This detailed analysis covers spark plugs, the coil over the plug assemblies & fuel injectors. Article by Alan R. Applegate, K0BG.

Using a car radio inside for long distance FM

Car receivers generally have excellent FM sections and it is not uncommon for enthusiasts to use them as a primary or secondary tuner, connected to an external antenna in the home. Car receivers offer several advantages & disadvantages over conventional hi-fi component tuners. After receiving many enquiries, two long distance FM listeners decided to pen their collective thoughts on this topic. Aimed at newcomers to the hobby or those wishing to listen to long distance FM stations without spending a fortune. 

Navone Engineering

Physicist David Navone runs a Californian business which offers a selection of specialized FM filters & noise suppressors for problematic car antenna installations. Get rid of the commonplace interference produced within your vehicle to facilitate the best FM & MW reception possible. International delivery.

Sony's range of adaptive IF car receivers

British enthusiast Mike Evans sourced this Adobe Reader document. Information on Sony car receivers which incorporate the Digital Signal Processing feature known as SSIR-EXA. 

Tecsun portable radio for long distance FM

Kevin of the Ultralight long distance reception Yahoo forum compares this Chinese portable to the Sony XDR-F1HD component tuner. See why the performance of this sophisticated, yet inexpensive Chinese portable amazes long distance FM listeners across the globe.

Cool stuff!


BlanDX is a ground breaking satirical site. Its writers take the piss out of DX enthusiasts and DX organizations. Hilariously entertaining!

A forum for general chat about AM, FM, Digital Radio & TV reception. You may chat about anything. An independent forum with participants from the UK, Europe, USA, India & Australia.


John Adams created a fascinating invention called the Foreverlight Panel from Mudgee in New South Wales. Adams, a professional Electrical Engineer, FM listener & ham, has created a revolutionary non electrical light source.

Pirates Week

Has the golden age of Pirate Radio long gone? This is a weekly audio podcast focussing on shortwave pirate activity in the United States. International news coverage as well as broadcast MW and FM.

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