Although we have occasion to listen to white noise for pleasure, FM enthusiasts are passionate & diverse creatures! 
ABOUT MESome loon doing fun stuff

You have clicked on the most boring & irrelevant page on this site, but the gurus tell me I have to put something here! Here goes... 

I am listening to the current albums from REM, The Naked & Famous & Arcade Fire.

In terms of this hobby, I am a current financial member of the ARDXC in Australia & the UKW/TV Arbeitskreis in Deutschland. I participate in all the Australian on-line FM DX forums.

In terms of everything else... I love music, comedy, politics & weight training. I follow rugby league, Australian Rules football, tennis, cricket & some English soccer. 

I have undertaken tertiary qualifications at Deakin University, Burwood & the University of Queensland, St Lucia in diverse disciplines. I have undertaken corporate education courses known as the RG146/PS146 compliance certification, as required under the Corporations Act (2001). For six years, virtually every weekend, I was a hotel disc jockey & master of ceremonies. Yawn.... Don't hold that gig against me, it helped pay my HECS debt & sadly kept me from spending too much time at the uni drinking haunts! Club sport up to this point consisted of swimming & soccer. My real passion was the former. As a soccer player I made a great swimmer!

I discovered this hobby in the same way as many other young enthusiasts. I was bored with the music programming & talent offered on local FM commercial radio in the late 1990s. I wanted to hear more distant commercial stations or even pirates, without irritating static. My first long distance radio reception was shortwave from North America, Germany, Russia & New Zealand, heard on a Hitachi boombox when I was a kid. That vastly different beast - shortwave - sounded awful compared to the pristine audio of FM stereo, but I was curious... I was hooked!

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