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Get used to weather extremes, folks
Expect more heat waves & flooding rains, according to the UN IPCC. Report from Reuters.
La Nina & Global Warming blamed
Intense rain can be attributed to both! From independent research portal The Conservation.
October record a warning for 2011
In 2010, Brisbane experienced its wettest October for 38 years, according to Fairfax.

Ducting over ocean
Reconsidering Tropo Ducting    11 page technical paper in PDF format
A fresh look at tropospheric propagation. Do ducts really form by trapping the signal between the warm and cool layers of air? Australian microwave expert Andrew Martin, VK3OE is a regular speaker at the annual Gippsland Technical Conference, GippsTech.
Calm beach before tropical thunderstorms
Thunderstorms & Sporadic E    3 page technical paper in PDF format
Further studies are likely to be required to fully investigate the relationship between Sporadic E & thunderstorms. German Volker Grassmann, PhD, DF5AI studied physics at the University of Göttingen. He performed research concerning the ionosphere.
Perseids meteor shower by Logan Brumm of USA
Meteor Showers & Sporadic E  2 page technical paper in PDF format
Is meteoric ablation a precursor event to Sporadic E propagation? By Italians Flavio Egano, IK3XTV and Tony de Longhi, IZ3ESV.

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