Why use a car receiver in the home?

Car receivers generally have excellent FM sections and it is not uncommon for enthusiasts to use them as a primary or secondary tuner, connected to an external antenna in the home. Car receivers offer several advantages & disadvantages over conventional hi-fi component tuners. Long distance FM enthusiasts David L. Pierce & Ryan L. Donaldson have gone down this 'road'! Here we share our collective thoughts. Updated content from Mike, Murray & Peter who have provided valuable experimental findings. We hope this information will be of some use to newcomers to the hobby.

 Blaupunkt Digiceiver DSP cassette receiver Verona










 Alpine Max Tune Pro DSP cassette receiver TDA-7592R





Blaupunkt Digiceiver DSP disc receiver Los Angeles

Further Reading

Discussion concerning the most selective adaptive IF car receivers, according to real field testing by German long distance FM enthusiasts is archived here. Highly rated FM tuners include Blaupunkt's Sharx Twinceiver, Sharx Digiceiver and Alpine's Max Tune Pro.

FM DX Woodbridge USA

FM DX Brisbane Australia

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Last Updated on: Wednesday, 26 October 2011