Understand what is inside a tuner. Equip yourself with a fundamental knowledge of Radio Frequency systems.

What are the key components of a receiver? How is the intermediate frequency signal converted in a receiver?

How does a printed circuit board antenna perform? How does a telescopic perform?

How can a low noise amplifier improve receiver sensitivity? What are the key factors that determine the range of a signal?

What is the bandwidth of a signal? What is adjacent channel selectivity? How can a receiver be desensitized by out of band signals? What is image rejection?

Please watch slides 1-42.
PDF document
A Powerpoint presentation by Dag Grini of Texas Instruments

How do FM tuners work? How can various FM tuners be evaluated?

Please read pages 39-51.
PDF document
An explanation published by magazine the Audio Critic

What is intermodulation distortion? What is the third order intercept point?

How can a receiver design balance between excellent sensitivity & high signal handling capability? 

A Powerpoint presentation by Amateur Carl Ferguson et. al.

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