FM DXing in Brisbane, Australia
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15/07/12: SEQ enthusiast Clinton commences blog

15/07/12: Join Karl VK7HDX on his road trip to the tip of Australia

15/06/12: Revised Tools page with additional links

01/06/12: Pursuing long distance or fringe Digital TV reception? Join VK2KRR

01/06/12: Leigh VK2KRR
talks about tropo, esp. the effectiveness of troughs on reception

01/02/11: Blogs launched by enthusiasts here here here & here in order of date

Revised Adaptive Tuners page with additional info & links

15/12/11: Revised primary Antennas page, repairing a broken link

Revised Get Involved & Tools pages with additional info, links & graphics

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15/10/11: Created new Understand How Tuners Work page under Receivers page

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15/10/11: Revised Adelaide bandscan under Aussie Bandscans page

15/09/11: Added new contributions to the Photographs page

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